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I am a professional actor with a wide range of abilities.

They tell me I am ideally suited for playing a young love interest, a smart aleck kid, a troubled youth, a spiritual connection, or young genius. I bring my natural authenticity and charisma to every character I play.

Take a look around and get a glimpse of my work. You can even send me a message. I’d love to hear from you.

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- Hawk

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Serious / Dramatic



Looking for UFOs
MobKing -- Young Mike White
Dodge Truck Voiceover
The Way You
Tony gets a visit
Mob King
3 Dialects
Student Driver
"Principal Honeycutt"

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it's nice to be recognized!

“Hawk is a tremendous young talent with an extremely good work ethic, a very dynamic range, and flawless organic delivery. A future great in this biz! “
Ciro Dapagio, Ciro Dapagio Productions
"Hawk is a creative, dedicated, diverse, and layered actor who explores the depths of comedic, dramatic, and dark characters alike as he maintains the integrity of those characters amidst his performances. He's tuned in and receptive, and he holds himself accountable to every role that he takes on. As a person, he's gracious, grateful, and unassuming as he explores new ways to constantly and consistently improve."
Jason Zimmerman, Blue Knight Entertainment
Hawk is deeply profound, and gifted with a rare, unique talent. There is just something about him that makes the audience want to watch him."
Tamara Clark, Director of One Company Arts  
"Hawk has maturity beyond his age. He is always willing to try new ways of digging deeper into the craft and never ceases to amaze me with his ability to add color and depth to his character. I’m am sure he will indeed exceed his expectations and inspire many in his storytelling far and wide!
Rachel Reed, Acting Coach, Hollywood, CA
"We're hoping to make this film very, very successful. Hawk was a major contributor, and we appreciate him. His performance was amazing and he really does deliver!"
Harvey, Assistant to Anthony Caliendo at Mainman Productions
"Hawk is a terrific young actor who brings curiosity and excitement to all of his improvisations. Keep an eye on this one."
Jeff Swearingen, Acting and Improv Teacher, North Texas Performing Arts Academy
"Hawk is a cool, unique kid. The sky is the limit for him!"
Jordan Fraker, Fraker Photography



Beneath the Trees

Cal (regular)
Jason Zimmerman / BKE Films

Bye Bye Birdie, Jr.

Conrad Birdie
Harand Camp of Theatre Arts

If I Could Ride

Ethan (Love Interest)
Welling Film Productions


Hayden (lead)
Keoni Holani / SMU

Elves of Interlochen

Ian (supporting)
Mom Squad Productions

The Secret Door

Jason (lead)
Fred Tee / PHTV Network

Black Rugrats

Timmy (Regular)
LBN TV Networks


Young Mike White (Supporting)
Ciro Dapagio Films, Inc.
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get to know me!

My name is Hawk Meisenbach. I love to perform and have been doing so since I was three.

A 7th generation Texan, I am a teenage actor with an interesting personality and lots of charisma! I bring authenticity to everything I do. Coming from a family of doctors, oilmen, innovators, performers and a long list of highly trained musicians that goes back at least to my great grandparents, I infuse a unique mix of logic, creativity, sensitivity and humor into my work.

I was introduced early in life to the world of performing arts, beginning with violin, dance and acting when I was three. I was in a choir for several years and took private voice lessons all through my middle school years. For a long time, I was just as interested in singing and dancing as was in acting, but these I days I'm all about the acting. I decided I wanted to be an actor after I played the role of Conrad Birdie in the musical Bye Bye Birdie when I was twelve. I started training seriously for film shortly after that, but then the Coronavirus shut everything down, making productions all but halt. I used that time to focused on honing my acting skills and signed with an agent within about six months. I became eligible to join SAG just a year and a half after I made the decision to become an actor. I have studied and taken workshops with some of the most experienced teachers and coaches in the industry such as, Rachel Reed, Zora Dehorter, Amber Horn, Jason Zimmerman, Nancy Chartier, Cathryn Sullivan, Cathryn Hartt, and Jon Paul Burkhart to name a few.

I enjoy playing a wide range of characters, from the quirky nerdy kid or troubled teen, to the love interest or smart aleck. One of my favorite things to do is to make people laugh, and I have been told that I have comedic timing like that of a pro. I honestly look forward to playing a comedic character as much as I love to dive into a good dramatic piece.

Lately, in an effort to expand my skillset outside the world of performing arts, I have been taking horseback riding lessons, and Taekwondo. Horses are cool, and kicking stuff is fun, too. My other interests include Jet Ski, dogs, chess, mythology, astronomy, philosophical conversations, videogames, and hanging out with my friends. I am grateful that my family is so supportive and they are giving me the opportunity to develop my talents.

Take a look around at my pictures and my links. I hope you enjoy learning more about me. If you have a project you are working on and you think I maybe a good fit, please reach out to my manager or me! I may be young, but I know what I want to do with my life. Thanks for being part of my journey.

- Hawk

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